The story so far

"He Who Sits Upon The Throne" is being released to commemorate the homecoming of Timothy David White. Timothy was born at 25 weeks weighing only 1 pound 13 oz. He was in hospital for 3 months and was able to go home to his parents and older brother and sisters just before Christmas.

If you want to read more about our story (from Michele's perspective) visit . The video on this page also chronicles Timothy's first 3 months.

With this song we want to give glory and praise to God for the life of Timothy and inspire everyone to live lives that bring honor to the Lord with all the talents and blessings He has provided.


What's next?

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Many thanks

The song is very explicit about who ultimately should get the credit but we would like to recognize and thank -

  • the team at Studio Pros - we highly commend you on your great service!
  • Bill Sayre at Fast Traxx Studio - we really appreciate your help with the vocal tracks.
  • David Early - for long ago helping to create a great demo of the song.
  • The members of Torrential Reign and the guys in the Lyttelton St flat for your encouragement.
  • The team at the Fresno Regional Community Medical Center NICU for providing the best of care for Timothy as he continued his development outside of the womb.
  • All the friends and family who helped care for us and our other children during this difficult time and the people (many of whom we have never met) that prayed for us.


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